Sensor hunt


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    Our elab has many sensors for air, energy and water. Seek out Erin and Jeff, who may help you with some clues to these mysteries:

    Air sensors:
    Have a look at each of these sensors, each one starts with 10.14.x.y:


    Where are each of these located?
    If you blow on each one, how does it change the numbers?
    What is normal for each one?

    Water Sensors:
    Have a look at 49.1
    Go flush one of the toilets.
    How much water does this take?
    How much should it take (look on the toilet)?

    Energy sensors:
    Have a look at these sensors:

    Now make sure there is water in the hot water maker. Turn it on. What circuit is it on?

    Next, login to elab2.hpa.edu, using elabconsole and our wifi password

    Look under telemetry, then CBW air.
    What can you see about the CO2 levels in each room?
    Does your test show up?
    Do the same with the energy panels, can you see the hot water maker?
    Can you tell at what time the TVs were turned on in the main hall today?
    What about yesterday?
    Turn on both TVs in our classroom, can you see these on the monitor?

    Finally, go to
    If 1 kW running for one hour costs us $0.45, how much does it cost to run the IT building for one hour?