Week 3, class 1 (3.1)


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    Unix war games———

    Victim computer:

    1. login as yourself (admin)

    2. create a user called “test” with a generic password (you will erase this user when done)

    3. endow this user with admin rights

    4. see if you can monitor what this user does as he/she attacks your computer (try history and tail -f)

    Attacking computer:

    1. ssh to the victim machine as test

    2. check with the user that you can shutdown the computer in 1 minute, with a restart

    3. make the victim machine say something interesting

    4. open an application on the victim machine

    5. run software update on the victim machine

    6. create a directory of your choosing, and create a document inside this folder with a secret message

    Victim user:

    1. determine who is attacking you, and from which IP address

    2. go to top and ps to find the user logged in

    3. kill the intruder’s opened program

    4. find their new folder

    5. read the secret message

    6. alter the message, copy to a new document (you will upload later to their machine)

    7. kill the intruder

    8. counter-attack the intruder, doing the same steps