Emotiv Insight

    These are the instructions on how to charge and use the Insight, the latest electroencephalogram (EEG) headset made by Emotiv Company, and how to use EEG research applications.


    1. Use the Insight USB Charging Cable

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    2. Plug the USB head of the cable to the PC or to the wall charger. Plug the other head of the cable to the headset. The light indicator should turn yellow.

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    3. When it is fully charged, the light indicator should turn green.


    There are 2 method to connect the insight: EITHER to smartphone (through Bluetooth) or to PC (through USB Dongle)

    I) USB dongle

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    1. Connect the Emotiv USB Dongle to PC
    2. Open the Emotiv Control Panel app
    3. Press the power button to turn on the Insight (There will be a white-light indicator near the EMOTIV sign)

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    4. If there is a green signal at the upper-right corner of the Emotiv Control Panel, then congratulation, you are officially connected!!
    If there is no signal, please repeat the steps

    II) Bluetooth
    1. Turn on the headset and the Bluetooth setting in your smartphone
    2. Open the Emotiv Insight app, log in with your Emotiv account
    3. Click the small box at the upper-right corner. The name of the Insight headset should be appeared in the list
    4. Choose it and you are connected!
    If not, please repeat the steps.


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