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    Background - We made tea in Energy class and recorded the energy it took to heat the water to make the tea.

    Materials - a tea kettle that comes with a heating base, a temperature sensor, and a power meter.

    Procedure - Record the amount of water you put in the kettle and take the temperature of the water before heating it with the heating sensor. Then turn the heater on and plug the kettle into the power meter, Record the temperature of the water once its boiling with temp. sensor. Compare the two temps. and look at your power meter to see how many kw it took to heat the water.

    Record your Observations -
    amount of water
    temp. of water before heating
    temp. of water after heating
    energy it took to heat water

    Kw- Kilowatts, which are 1,000th of a Watt
    Watts- A unit of electricity measurement.
    Kwh- Kilowatts per hour