Lab : Lighting Efficiency


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    Lab : Lighting Efficiency

    Made by Dylan Ngango

    Purpose : The purpose of this lab is to identify the different types of lights we are using. Also you know which one is more "Green" and which one is more efficient.

    Material :

    Three lamps
    Different light bulbs
    Electricity, an outlet

    In this lab you will see three different types of lights bulbs, and they are :

    • CFL
    • LED
    • Incandescent


    Questions :

    1. Please define those. ( How are they different )
    2. According to those definition which one of those are more "green". Why ?
    3. Why incandescent is the worst of them all ?
    4. Know that, Watts = volts x amps = VA
    5. Find the following data using a kill-a-watt : Volt Amp VA and PF ( Power Factor )

    Power Factor is the efficiency of the device, which one is the most efficient. Which is one is the most expansive to have ( Bills to pay )

    Your Conclusion