Monday 9/1 Parker Ranch


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    On Monday, September first, we went up to the water tanks at Parker Ranch to establish a wireless connection between the Energy Lab and the water tank station. This would give us Internet connection roughly 20 miles from the lab. The original plan was to use the Power Bridge M-5, which is the antenna that forms the wireless connection, to find the Energy Lab antenna and make the connection. However, because of the preciseness of the Power Bridge M-5, it was too difficult to find the Energy Lab antenna and therefore, we were not able to establish a connection. Then, we tried the Nano Station M-2, which is less precise with two gigahertz rather than the Power Bridge M-5’s five gigahertz. When this also didn’t work, we tried using the Nano Station M-2 along with the Bullet M-2, which is a far more basic antenna. However, the Nano and the Bullet started “talking” to each other rather than making the connection with the Energy Lab so we disconnected the Nano and used the Bullet to establish our connection.

    to be continued...

    Parker Ranch