Summary: Rpi and web pages

    Why we do what we do:
    It is important that you understand the steps you have been taking over the past few classes. This review might help:
    1. We installed Raspberry Pi, a linux computer with an HDMI display
    2. We enabled ssh, making it possible to control the Rpi from terminal on our macs
    3. We installed a VNC (virtual network computer) application that enabled us to see the screen on the Rpi remotely
    4. We activated the wireless network, so we could use this anywhere
    5. We installed netatalk, so we could reach the computer as a shared computer from our macs, including folders
    6. We installed apache2, the web server program
    7. We modified the "root document folder" on apache2 to be in a new www folder in our home directory: /home/pi/www
    8. We tested our web server by dropping in images and text documents
    9. We learned how web browsers look for index.html first, and if they don't find it, they can often find a listing of files
    10. We used the html editor simulator on code.org and www.w3schools.com to make a simple html page
    11. We copied this code into a document using sudo nano /home/pi/www/mytestpage.html
    12. We altered the html page on the simulator, and copied that over, noting the format

    At this point, we are ready to proceed with the rest of the html tutorial online.
    We can follow this if you like with the tutorials on javascript and python, so if you finish one, just move on to the next one.
    We will have a semester assessment (some like the term "exam") in class in a few weeks, not in the gym, so make sure you understand not only what we have done here, but the other big modules we covered. We will construct a review program soon.
    Let me know how I can help.


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