Raspberry Pi fun!

    Raspberry Pi task checklist:

    1. install pi from noobs
      1. connect HDMI, keyboard and mouse
      2. insert SD card
      3. connect power
      4. select Raspian install, click install
      5. once install is finished, in raspi-config, choose third line (startup options)
      6. select login to gui automatically
      7. tab to save, restart
      8. login with pi/raspberry
    2. ssh into from local mac
      1. check your IP address from terminal using ifconfig
      2. from another machine, ping the address of your Rπ box
      3. note the response time
      4. ssh into the unit with: ssh pi@10.14.254.x or whatever your IP address is from ifconfig
      5. use the normal password
      6. test your connection with who, last and man
      7. man ps
      8. note ps ax (no flags) and other options
    3. apt-get update
      1. from either your ssh connection (terminal) or the LX terminal, run sudo apt-get update
      2. sudo shutdown -r now
    4. install tightvnc server
      1. sudo apt-get install tightvncserver
      2. run: tightvncserver
      3. create control and view passwords
      4. start VNC server from terminal: tightvncserver
      5. client can be iTeleport or free installer at tightvnc.com
      6. Download file "tvnjviewer-2.zip"
      7. port is probably 5901
      8. must run tightvncserver after restart to enable (see me if you want to automate this)
    5. Install wireless network
      1. make sure wireless unit is plugged into USB port
      2. use utility (upper left) to select wireless network
      3. sudo apt-get install wavemon
      4. run: wavemon
      5. pretty pictures...
    6. install netatalk
      1. sudo apt-get install netatalk
      2. after install, restart
      3. verify that you can login to your rPI using appletalk (command-K)
    7. install apache2 web server
      1. sudo apt-get install apache2 -y
      2. after install, restart
      3. test your web server at
      4. test your webserver at http://10.14.254.x
    8. create home web directory
      1. open terminal
      2. sudo mkdir /home/pi/www
      3. sudo chmod 777 /home/pi/www
      4. sudo mv /var/www /var/www-backup
      5. sudo ln -s /home/pi/www /var/www
      6. sudo reboot
      7. test your web server now, it should show a folder listing
    9. create a sample page
      1. on your mac desktop, use command-shift-3 to take a picture of the desktop
      2. login to your rPI using command-k and the IP address
      3. login is pi, password is raspberry
      4. drop the screenshot file into the www directory
      5. refresh the web page, check to see if you can open the file
    10. scp index.html from /var/www/
      1. ssh into the unit from your mac
      2. using the scp commands, copy the index.html page from the web directory of your Rπ box:
      3. scp pi@10.14.88.x:/var/www-backup/index.html /Users/yourname/Desktop
      4. open the index.html page with textwrangler, note the html structure
      5. change a few words, then drag the changed file onto the safari icon to view your changes
      6. drop the file into the www directory, see if the listing changes
    11. folders and directories
      1. create a folder in www called test
      2. on your browser, navigate to test http://10.14.254.x/test/
      3. see if the directory listing returns
      4. index.html is the default page, if it is not there, the server returns a directory listing
    12. copy jpg into www, change index.html into index2.html
      1. using the mounted directory on your mac, insert a jpg file
      2. change the name of index.html to index2.html
      3. view the site in a browser-what changed?
      4. open the index2.html file and the jpg file in a browser
    13. demonstrate directory listing
      1. add a few more items to your directory
      2. check to see if the directory is listed


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