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Polynesian navigation notes

From Ms. Petteys:
For ho‘olaule‘a this year, we learned that makali‘i uses solar panels (located on the stern of the canoe), but only for radios/phones for emergency communication and communication with the escort boats as needed. I thought it was very interesting to note that although they have additional technology now available (through a green source), they only use it to the extent they really feel they need to (essentially for safety) and not more. It brings us back to the question of "just because we can, doesn't mean we should" that has haunted various points of progress throughout history and certainly today. Non-instrument navigation is still (again) the way of Polynesian navigation. It's "green" in terms of resources used. Would everyone consider it "technology?" Just semantics to me, but maybe a point to elaborate on.


Notes for the past few days

8/18 (morgan):

What we did today was we learned about codes used to access the controls in the building starting with 10.14... We also had discussions about the co2 reader, the solar panels (the first one on the building, if any part is shaded it wont work. The second set it is ok if there is a shadow of a bird or whatever shadow may be on it, it will still work. The third one, and my favorite, were the ones sticking off the roof that absorbed light from both the top and the bottom. They work most effectively during the winter time because the angle of the sun reflects well of the deck creating optimal sunlight for them.) On our way down from the roof you showed us the solar water heater that moves by itself in between two panes of glass that allow light in but no heat out. we also did a little bit of a general tour.

8/19 (morgan):
Some things we did:

-Controlling the the elab network: ex. (louvers).

-We checked out the air in the building with the co2 monitors.

-Live camera views:

-control sony camera

8/22 (morgan):

-Spock death pinch

-Terminal codes

-fsck -yf (file system check)

-who (who you are)

-last (last people that logged in)

-pwd (print working directory; where you are in computer)

-exit (get out of it)

-ssh admin@_________ (fill in blank with ip address)

-sudo shutdown -r now