Cottage TED units


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    • Background
      • There are 8 faculty cottages on the HPA campus, with 1-5 people occupying each. We are monitoring their energy consumption to help them conserve energy, also, to save the school money and educate HPA further about going green. As a part of our GreenTech class, we have installed TED (the energy detective: http://www.theenergydetective.com/ ) monitors that trace the energy consumption. There is one cottage, #5, that has photovolteic (solar electric) to produce its own energy.
      • The IP address for each cottage is 10.14.65.X, Contact numbers are 425X (X= cottage number)
      • Dashboard: (Above: regular dashboard. Below: PV dashboard)

      • (left) Present time readings
        • Check date and time to make sure that TED is working properly
      • (right) Real time kW usage
        • make sure that the number is within reason

      • Recordings of usage (above)
        • make sure it is a reasonable number
      • diffrent kWh readings (below)
        • make sure it is a reasonable number