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    ISR notes

    • Weblog: login, proposals posted, examples of good and bad
    • http://physics.hpa.edu is your main digital repository
    • Wiki: key forms, examples, links and proposal links
    • Daily weblogs: always due by 2100 (9PM) day of class
      • should include progress, goals for next time, and materials or resources needed
    • Weekly weblogs: due every Saturday by 1800 (6 PM)
      • should include progress for the week, challenges met/not met, resources needed and plan for next week
    • No late work accepted, but you are allowed to drop one missed score per quarter
    • If you are absent, make sure to create an entry for each class day, with a simple entry describing your absence, so I don't count it as a zero.
    • Quarterly video summary
      • should include progress, looking back at proposal, next steps, challenges and successes
    • Sem 1 presentation
      • small group
      • describe progress, relation to proposal, possible amendments to proposal, plans for sem 2
    • Sem 2 final presentation
      • web summary of year work (counts as final exam)
      • presentation to small panel with questions (formal dress)
    • Materials and resources:
      • contact me for any materials you might need
      • you might be the one doing the ordering
      • please document any materials used on your weblog and by email confirmation to me: bill@hpa.edu
      • no materials to leave the elab unless with specific permission
      • cc me on all emails to people regarding your project