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    Here are some notes about our first few weeks working together:

    ISR plan 2020

    We will be meeting on even days. Your weblogs will be due each class day at 6 PM HST. What will you write about? Progress, research, what you want to do next…

    I have created raspberry pi units for each of you if you want to have these mailed to you. I can also set up an individual unit at the elab which you can reach by VPN.

    I’ll be holding weekly office hours with each of you by zoom. I’ll send out info on how this works, but the time will usually be either 9 AM or 4 PM HST.

    I’ll also expect an email check in during each class, due at 6 PM HST each day.

    I’d like each of you to dream up an individual challenge plan. This could involve online videos, coding, some sort of online collaboration with your classmates or others on the planet.

    First week: Each of you will create a 2 minute video about your project due by Monday, April 6, posted on youtube or on our server.

    Second week: Create a wiki about your project on the physics.kamuela.org server, including photos, diagrams and other material from your previous weblogs.

    Class days:

    Thursday 4.2

    Monday 4.6

    Wednesday 4.8

    Friday 4.10

    Tuesday 4.14

    Thursday 4.16

    Check in list: First week, by invitation Zoom call

    1. how are you doing
    2. what would you like to create or research
    3. what will you need for this: online or mailed to you
    4. vpn and other access to the network

    Project ideas:

    • Raspberry pi: local or remote, learning unix, scratch, node-red or other sensor projects
    • Find a project at home and document it: broken espresso machine? curious about how your car works? Explore and document it with photos and/or video.
    • Love to learn about flight? Order a glider wherever you are and explain all the forces that make it fly, what is a stall, center of lift and cg
    • Want to fly the big planes? If you have access to a flight sim program, explain in a video step by step instructions and teach someone else how to fly in real time. If you are a pilot in training, explain how this process works
    • Mad about drones? Create a how-to on flying them, and if you are advanced, how to get a drone license.
    • Radio happy? I have access to online FCC licensing now, so you can take the test remotely. You could then talk anytime around the world using radios.
    • Satellites make you happy? Setup a tracking system for spy satellites at your location and take photos at dawn or dusk. Explain why these go so fast, orbital path, and why you only see them then.
    • Know all about welding? Create a wiki on how to weld with with the three systems: wire, stick and gas. Why is this different from soldering?
    • Silly about sensors? I can mail you a set of sensors and a raspberry pi or arduino to learn with.
    • CNC crazy? Create a wiki about how to use a CNC machine, and why we would want to learn this.

    Resource links:

    Top tech boy: totorials on arduino, python, 3D CAD, raspberry pi


    Physics server for wiki and weblogs:


    Physics server video and document uploads: login isr, use wifi password


    Zoom instructions:

    1. go to zoom.us
    2. signup (it’s free) using your hpa email address
    3. download the app to your computer or phone
    4. when you get an email invitation from me, click on the link and it should open zoom
    5. you can choose audio only or both audio and video
    6. we can also have a group chat, more on this soon

    VPN instructions:

    1. I will email you an attachment that holds the configuration files if you are using a mac.
    2. Click on the attachment, it should install a VPN for you to use.
    3. If you want to use your raspberry pi or other machine, the vpn server is at, using L2TP protocols
    4. Login info will be given to you by email, account name is “vpn”

    Who is where:



    Will Yang-HI/China

    Max W-DE

    Max M-DE








    Will S-Kauai