Solar water heaters

Your company has been asked to install a single hot water panel on a small residence, much like the faculty cottages. Below you will find some information about this panel. Work together to come up with answers for your "client":

Solar panel size: 3 square meters
Solar panel cost: $1200
Solar radiation: 1500 W/m2
Solar panel efficiency: 90%
Solar radiation hours per day (at full power): 5.5 hours
Electrical cost: $0.45 /kWh
Panel lifetime: 20 years

Amount of power per panel:

Amount of energy per day for this panel:

Amount of energy per month:

Amount of money earned by the panel each month:

Amount of time (in months) it will take to pay off this panel (ROI):

How many months in the lifetime of the panel?

How many of these months are "free energy"?

How much money did the panel make for your client?



Quiz: Friday 4.5.13

Please do the following, and email your answers to me at

  1. ping and record your results in your email message
  2. run nslookup on this machine and find the IP address, netmask and router
  3. find the dns for this machine
  4. demonstrate traceroute to and record your results
  5. ssh into as herobrine, password is on the board
  6. find the document created by bo bleckel, and tell me how many languages he speaks
  7. list everything in the directory two levels up from this one
  8. show where you are at this level
  9. list the top processes on this machine
  10. describe what each of these means on your machine:
  • TCP/IP address
  • subnet mask
  • router
  • dns
When you are done with this and have sent it to me, you can go right into the Unix4mac text and pick up where you left off.


ACT quiz

ACT quiz













sudo shutdown -r now

IP settings: IP address, net mask, DNS


Ping and record the ping time

What is the name of this machine?

Record the traceroute to

Use directory commands to navigate to the root directory of your machine, and list the files there

Change directories one level lower, and list the files there

Where are you now?

List the top processes, then open chess

Kill chess

ssh into a partner's machine and list their processes

Explain these parts of your computer in IPv4: IP address, net mask, router and DNS


First class, fourth quarter

This is where you will find a summary of what we cover or will cover in class. This should only serve as a reference, and copying into your weblog does not count as your notes.
Computer repair:
fsck -yf

There were many others, which you should copy from your notes into your weblog.
Let me know if you have any questions.



Before we finish our weblog directories, please try these out with your friends:
1. run an osascript to make their computer say something interesting
2. ping flood your partner's computer, while watching the ping time on that computer
3. determine the link rate for wired and wireless networks to the routers we use: and
4. use text edit in plain text mode to create a simple html page, including header, body, bold and italics
5. demonstrate the traceroute to, explaining the times for each leg
6. CHECK WITH YOUR FRIEND, then restart their computer
7. demonstrate the use of fsck on startup, and applejack if installed
8. query and explain the xml data from one of our sensors
9. demonstrate how to block a ping flood attack from your friends
10. use nslookup to find the IP address for, and what machine is at

Have fun!


Treasure hunt

Do this in pairs at most, and keep your answers secret until everyone has succeeded.
Here is your quest:

Task one:
There is a rogue access point somewhere in this building.
Find it
What is the SSID?
Change it to something else for the next group.
Take screenshots and upload to your weblog.

Task two:
There is a newly configured energy meter somewhere in this building.
Find it on the network.
How much power is it reading?
Where is it, and what is it measuring?
Take a photo and post on your weblog.

Task three:
Herobrine is at it again. He has hidden a message from Bo, telling you which languages he speaks.
Find this message, and list the many languages in the "Life of Bo"
Leave your own message there.
Screenshots, whatever you like on your weblog...

Have fun...


Friday open-notes quiz

Science Seminar quiz-email your responses to

Friday 2.1.13

A. create a pico that can:

1. show who's connected to this computer at this moment

2. show the files on Desktop

3. create a text file using your name as the filename


B. How to create, delete, open a file on your computer and make someone else find it for you.

~How to create~

~How to Delete~

~How to open~

~How to search, and find the file from another computer~

~who_to see if someone else is logged in the computer except your self

~how to show the files in the directory that your currently in

~how to use cd and cd ..


C. Log in into yours classmates' computer and create a hidden file. Then while you are logged in into other computer, find the hidden file and open it. Have fun.


D. Login to a victim computer and make it say "I have completed the task".



1) how do you quit or stop an operation on terminal?

2) what's the meaning of TCP and IP

3) what are the main differences between Unix and html languages?



1. how does osascript work?

2. how to go to use nslookup to find the google servers instead of trace route?

3.what are some commands in unix book? to find a hidden file in the applications using the commands



1. what is the command to create a text?

2. what is the command to get out of a file?

3. what does ssh stand for?

4. list the hexadecimal numbers

5. how do you block computers from accessing your computer?



1. How to make a simple program using pico to automatically ssh to others computer?

2. If someone ssh'ed to your computer, how do you know their ip address?

3. What are cd and ls for?

4. How to create a test file using Terminal? How to read it using Terminal?

5. How to force quit a program by its PID?



-how do you check to find out who is currently logged in in your account?

-what command do you use to get out of a file?



-how do you use nslookup to find the location of the server of a website?

-how do you become a root user on another computer?

-how do you kill an application while signed in to another computer?

-how do you use osascript to manipulate another computer?

-name 3 things you can do to harm another computer when signed in as a super user



1.How to remove read access ?

2.How to add write access ?

3.What does ps -A show?

4.How to ping an ip address?

5.What is necessary to start and end a html page?



1. What commands do you use to become a super user in another person's computer?

2. What does osascript do?

3. I want to view where a certain server is located, how do i do that?



1. What does TCP and IP stand for

2. How do you slow down someones internet using ping

3. Kill a process using terminal

4. Why are there letters in binary

5. Shut down computer and restart through terminal

BONUS. Freakout a friend by opening applications on their computer through your computer and leave a message on their desktop


Wednesday 1.30.13

Part of our class is on the road now, and will catch up with you soon.
Today we have two tasks:
1. Prepare at least one task to go along with your excellent questions for our test Friday, and email your instructions to me for your test.
2. Our latest network task (below)
Please email your answers to as well as put them on your weblog.
Remember: your test Friday is open weblog, so make sure your weblog is organized, well thought out, and complete.
Wednesday network task:
Using the login you used before for the energy lab server (elabconsole and the wireless password), monitor the following values:
Energy consumption
Air in the rooms
Energy production
Next, look up these values on the following IP addresses to see if they match:
Next, look at each by entering the suffix /state.xml after each IP address
Next, boil some water near the sink, and determine which outlet is being tracked by which circuit on the B board. There is a note on each outlet as a head start.
Repeat by boiling water at several other outlets in the main hall of the lab, identifying each of these outlets.
---the air part---
Check out the following units, using html and xml:
Next, blow on each these sensors and track the CO2, RH and temp on both the html, xml and on the server. Record all of your data in your weblog, and email me a copy (cut and paste).

  1. What do you notice about the time it takes for each sensor to respond?
  2. How fast does each sensor recover?
  3. You are measuring current in the electrical circuits, how is power calculated?
  4. What are the units of CO2, RH and temp? Why?
  5. Explain how these units could be used to monitor and control a building
Let me know if I can help.



Using cd, ls, pwd and other commands...

I've created a server on campus called
It only show up on the dns of one machine:
Find the address for the mystery machine.

I've hidden files in the Applications directory, under mine craft.
Look for these using terminal

Tell me who is banned from this server, when, for how long, and why. Also by whom.

In the documents folder, I've hidden more files. Find these and tell me what happens on Wednesday.

Next steps:
Create your own text documents on your own computer, and dare your partner to find them.



Day one: ping and ssh

Here is a summary of our work last class:
ps and kill
sudo shutdown -r now
IP settings: IP address, netmask, DNS
ping flood attacks ping -f
Denial of service attacks (DOS)
script kiddies, commerce spies and military/national hackers
TCP/IP: what it means

I've included a photo from the board below.
Next steps:
In class Friday, here's what we have planned:

review and try all of the commands above with your partner
setup of the white laptops as your toolkit
test the white laptops with ssh and others
basic repairs: fsck -yf and Disk Utility
the command line interface as a toolkit
Bo has the admin password, we'll set up accounts as ss with a new sekrit password for our team on the white laptops.
You may want to label your white laptop somehow, so you can get to it every class-something on the ends would be nice.

More soon.