Solar water heaters

    Your company has been asked to install a single hot water panel on a small residence, much like the faculty cottages. Below you will find some information about this panel. Work together to come up with answers for your "client":

    Solar panel size: 3 square meters
    Solar panel cost: $1200
    Solar radiation: 1500 W/m2
    Solar panel efficiency: 90%
    Solar radiation hours per day (at full power): 5.5 hours
    Electrical cost: $0.45 /kWh
    Panel lifetime: 20 years

    Amount of power per panel:

    Amount of energy per day for this panel:

    Amount of energy per month:

    Amount of money earned by the panel each month:

    Amount of time (in months) it will take to pay off this panel (ROI):

    How many months in the lifetime of the panel?

    How many of these months are "free energy"?

    How much money did the panel make for your client?



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