Hawaii Water Issues

    In recent news a firm discharged pollutants into our drinking water without first "obtaining a permit" (March 29, 2013), 8 Hilo high schools were dismissed due to the "critical" conditions of the fresh supply of water (March 4, 2012), water main leaks in Honolulu (September 21, 2012). Within the Islands of Hawai'i it is becoming more apparent that the fresh water system is somewhat unstable with constant leaking, contamination and deficiency the Islands water system is becoming, at times, unreliable. While the Board of Water supply and the State Health Department of Hawai'i attempt at patching holes in the flawed regulated water system, there might be a bigger problem that the islands will face if the State Board and Health Department don't start planning a new and dependable system, if in the case that our fresh water supply is completely cut off. According to Dr. Bill Wiecking, the source of Hawaii's water comes from a well, which is pumped then delivered to our homes via pipe lines. What most Hawaii residents don't realize is that once the fresh water supply is cut off we would be able to survive on only 7 days of water. Hawai'i is currently in a state of "water security" or the availability of an adequate abundance and quality of water for health, ecosystems and productions, joined with a satisfactory level of water-related risks to people, environments and economies.


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