Natural Water Purification vs. Interference with the Natural Water Purification

    Natural Water Purification Interference with the Natural Water Purification
    - Can remove 20% to 60% of meatless found in water
    - Can trap 80% to 90% of debris from runoff
    - Can eliminate 70% to 90% of nitrogen
    Paved Roads:
    - Advance runoff
    - Increases flood threat
    Riparian (stream side) Forests:
    - Can decrease up to 90% of the nitrogen concentration in water runoff and floodwater
    - Can decrease 50% of phosphorous found in runoff and floodwater
    Loss of Riparian Areas:
    - Reduce river streams
    - Hinders natural purification
    Micro Organisms:
    - Breaks down metals, nutrients and other chemical contaminants in water.
    Altered Waterways:
    - Changed water ways may not produce enough water for "effective"
    Constructed Wetlands:
    - Can copy the some of the filtration ability of natural resources
    Invasive Species:
    - Can remove aquatic systems efficiency and its power to
    phase nutrients.
    Nitrogen Pollution:
    - Can produce acidification
    - Loss of biodiversity
    - Decrease of soil abundance due to acidification
    - Acidification can lead to green house gases and smog


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