Quarter Review

    A. Project Title: DNA polymerase chain reaction and gel electrophoresis
    B. Project goals: Inventory of the biotechnology equipment at the energy lab. Ensure the process of polymerase chain reaction and gel electrophoresis with the PTC taste gene of 6 individuals. Collect more DNA for next round of experimentation.
    C. Members: Allexandria Blacksmith, Alexandra Van Pernis, Justin Pham
    D. Hopes of accomplishment: To sequence the DNA of a native Hawaiian species. From this, enter the new sequence into the DNA Blast database.
    E. We have tested six individuals for the PTC taste gene. During these tests, we have modified and ensured the process by with we will test DNA in the future. In addition, we have collected multiple DNA vials from 6 more people.
    F. Problems: Our first run with DNA testing was difficult. We made the agarose gel 4 times until we perfected the process. The second run went much smoother, although we did find out the perfect conditions under which our machines and testing materials work.
    G. Use: Our first tests were to make sure we understood the process of DNA testing. Our future experiments may include DNA sequencing of lesser known native Hawaiian species, which would be new information to the scientific world. If we cannot complete this project, we will test inheritance patters of known genes.