New Experiment Plan

    We've been working on our new experiment plan for fast twitch muscle gene. Since there is no set experimental design, we have to create our own. Through research and previous experiments we have come up with a rough outline. The materials we need are the Syber Safe stain, Agarose powder, 1xNEB3 Buffer, and 1 microlitre Dde I. We are trying to find nucleotide primers which will cut the DNA at the forward 5' CTG TTG CCT GTG GTA AGT GGG 3' mark and the reverse 5' TGG TCA CAG TAT GCA GGA GGG 3' mark. We know the fragment length R577- 205bp, 86bp/ 577X- 108bp, 976bp, 86bp/ R577X- a08bp, 97bp, 86bp. Besides that, we have found the PCR sequences for the experiment. The initial denaturing of the DNA will occur at 95ºC for 5 minutes. This is followed by 35 cycles, each cycle at 95ºC for 30 seconds, 60ºC for 30 seconds, and 72ºC for 30 seconds. The final extension will be at 72ºC for 10 minutes with one hour incubation at 37ºC. Hopefully we can get this started soon!