Summer 6/15 Week

    This week consisted of two major tasks: writing challenges and launching HOTG.

    To start writing challenges I first had to curate a challenge and get approval from Judi and Danielle. This involves researching different media sources, news updates, scientific field research etc. about my theme. I selected footprint as my theme due to my past work in the area. I was technically suppose to do the majority of my curating the week that I was in Tahiti, but since I was traveling I had to do that on Monday. It was simple enough really and I got bored with curating and went ahead to writing my challenge. Probably isn't how TG intended, but I did get the work done! After getting curating approval I went ahead and finished up writing my challenge. Footprint was simpler because it's such a narrow niche, so a lot of the challenges will overlap last year. The challenge is broken up by introduction, video, pinterest, sponsors of the day, think notes (four of them), four challenges, and a prize package made up of our sponsors. I finished that challenge and when sent in, it received praise from Judi so I guess I'm off to a great start. They asked me to write more so next week will probably consist of writing.

    Humans of TG started this week and it had a very successful launch! Not sure how much impact it will have on the organization but Judi really loves it. It already has 200+ likes. I need to find an environmental mentor/hero to take a picture of and interview within the next week. There's so many to choose from! The HoTG idea got me a lot of support in the organization (all the interns got an email sent out praising my idea which seemed a bit over the top) so I feel like my hard work is starting to allow me to have more say and more flexibility. I've been working more directly with Judi, which is getting me out of all the red tape and rules of other interns.

    FINALLY: This week TG booked my flights to SF. I'll be there for the college/intern summit July 21st-27th. Really excited! Going to SF with TG always got me really excited about what my life would be like in college, so it's perfect that I'm going there the end of the summer before college!