Summer 6/22 Week

    This week was a hectic one. TG is preparing a cookbook of FLOSN restaurants across the country and so Monday was the official launch for that project. We need to focus on two organic farms and two farm to table restaurants in each state and I had the job of Arizona and Hawaii. I made a spreadsheet of all the organic farms and farm to table restaurants in the state of Hawaii and did the same for Arizona. I then researched their accreditations and legitimacy before selecting my final restaurants and farms. I drafted a letter to each one as well as found proper contacts and sent them a letter explaining the project and their involvement. I have had one response so far from a restaurant in Arizona, and thus will probably hop on a call with the head chef next week.

    This week I also had to narrow down the speakers for the PGC finals. A series of us made up an excel spreadsheet breaking potential speakers into categories based off their industries (zero waste, food, hemp etc.) and ended up having at least 50 speaker options. I jumped on a conference call yesterday where we presented them to the other interns and proceeded to vote on who we wanted to speak. I personally would love to hear Lauren Singer, Michael Pollan, and Michael Green present!