Summer 6/1 Week

    I started the week with the weekly TG conference call. I got the unfortunate task of organizing TG's pinterest, which is actually surprisingly popular. As we finish up the road tour and move into the next PGC it's important that we update our sponsor's promotions. A majority of this comes from our pinterest, plus our pinterest was in need of some organizing anyways. Now that we've kept our sponsors happy I feel a bit more relieved because we can now work on other things. The second half of this week was dedicated to outreach. TG currently has a huge database of high schools and colleges in each state, but they became determined to grow it. Each intern took two states to focus on and add to. I got Hawaii and then Oklahoma which is a bit contrasting! I looked through each of their public school registry online to make sure we had contact information for each public school in the state. It's ironic that I'm doing this because their email to Dr. Bill is what got me involved in PGC in the first place. Finished the week with a marathon day (a day where you're given a task to accomplish a certain theme) which involves being in contact with Judi and the rest of the team for around six hours and having three or so conference calls. I did this while babysitting so it was a challenge. I have new respect for working moms! I gave Judi the idea of doing Humans of Turning Green (a spinoff of HONY) as a social media platform and she loved it. That should be launching when I come back from Tahiti.