Summer 6/29 Week

    This week was all about Green U prep. I started the week organizing outfits for the makeover portion of Green U weekend. This involved going through the current database of clothing brands that support us as well as making a new database of brands that we can reach out to for support. I don't like the aspect of asking people for things (I'm sure some psychologist would have a field day with that statement) so Megan and I have paired up and she reaches out and I organize from there. Creating the outfits was fun because it was give or take glorified online shopping only I don't get the clothes. Judi wants me to fly out early in November to organize the whole style section, which seems daunting to say the least.

    The second aspect of the week involved reaching out to speakers for Green U. Megan and I worked on drafting up a mock up letter that everyone can use to send out to possible speakers. We got Lauren Singer which makes me so happy! She was like my brainchild. The goal is to reach out to all of our hopeful speakers by next Friday.