Summer 7/6 Week

    This was a short week since I went to Kauai for the latter part. We're currently preparing for the summit in two weeks in SF (that I will attending) that's targeted towards building college freshmen environmental programs. So I've largely been working towards that by looking into our dorm section. I did research on different brands the make environmentally conscious bedding etc as well as updated our pinterest page.

    A second aspect of this week was me reaching out to possible Green U speakers. I drafted up letters to different Whole Foods executives and Mathis. Of course nothing went out without strong censorship from Judi, so I doubt I can even really argue that I wrote the letters in the end. I sent out a lot of feelers this week so I'm guessing I'll be pretty busy next week. I plan on doing a conscious cookbook interview next week with a chef from AZ so I'll spend the beginning of next week getting organized for that.