End Of Year Post

    Oh my! This is my last official high school assignment. The energy lab has been good to me. The best part is that my project isn't really ending when I graduate high school but more just evolving. I'll be working at the lab this summer and thus I'll still get to pretend that I wouldn't haven't graduated yet. I started with Hotchkiss which was a cool project but maybe didn't live up to it's full potential? It taught me a lot about how to work with people. A lot of my experiences this year just kind of happened, like going to SF in November, and so more often in not the less I tried to control my project the more it would take form. That was a struggle for me, having to sometimes balance knowing when to have control and when to let things take form on their own. I'm excited about my future internships this summer both at the energy lab and Turning Green, both are great experiences to have.

    I was lucky enough to have amazing people to work with like Alice and Zen at the energy lab. I hope I helped them get excited about what the place can do. I think I'll leave behind maybe a path that wasn't there before. The lab can often seem intimidating to students, and I hope that I showed people that you don't have to be a Harvard bound physics student to grow from it. Of course I would be happy if students do PGC next year at HPA! I'll see how that works out. I could always peer pressure Alice and Zen into it.

    My project consisted of a lot of hands on work experience. I run our social medias, which taught me a lot, had to deal with outreach and even touched on branding. I also helped launch a branch of an organization which as look back on it was not an easy job. I continue to be on their Student Advisory Board as well. I feel like I can graduate knowing I made an impact on the organization, and that's a great feeling to have.