Weekend Summary

    This week has been a really great first week back from NYC. I was so inspired to continue drafting. I also really want to work on an inflatable that could help refugees. I want them to be made from biodegradable materials so they could be left in the ocean, they also should be small so they could be carried by children, and they need to be sturdy enough to make it from parts of Syria and north Africa to other countries if boats fail. I know it is a little late to just start something, but I al very interested in this and think it would be interesting even if I didn't fully complete anything. I would also have to do research on fabrics and textiles.

    As for this week I was working on drafting and was very inspired by Richard Meier and his work. I like his use of geometric shapes and colors.

    In addition to working on drafting i was able to talk to two people about the legacy of green design and projects in the future that could continue my project and create new and interesting opportunities for students to explore design.