Weekend Summary

    This week we spent most of out time working on how we were going to present and talking about what our projects were and how and why we were doing them. It is always interesting to hear how other peoples projects have mutated and changed. The semester is coming to a close and so we are all wrapping up the year of our project. I have been fishing up my presentation as well as working on finishing the last parts of my architecture project. I am really passionate about refugees and finding resourceful and sustainable ways to make sure that all humans on the planet have a place to live where they feel relatively safe. I also want to continue this project in college. Ethical and sustainable solutions the worlds problems would be the tile of my thesis in design school if I was graduating next year.

    Over the next few weeks I wasn’t tot fully refine my own presentation and what I am going to say in order to engage the audience. I know how important it is to pass the cellphone test. I want to make sure that when I present the audience know why I choose to do this project as well as what I did and the amount work that I put into it.