Final Weekend Summary

    Original proposal:


    Approaching reconstructive surgery from a individualized healthcare lense we can Use 3D Imaging and printing to create new prosthetics that incoprate biomimicry and personalized attributes for patients needing surgery. This allows for better reconstruction and decreased recovery times in patients across the board.

    Title: Bio-Engineered Reconstructive Plastic Surgery


    Plastic Surgery: Plastics is a branch of the medical practice that involves both reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries that effect the aesthetic and there fore in many cases the functionality of the affected body part. I am more interested in the reconstructive branch of plastics but with the data and information from my project there can be cosmetic applications.

    Biomimicry: Biomimicry is a science that involves the synthesis and research of materials that are naturally found biological textures and then use them in other applications and cases. Such as skin graphing in my project.

    3D Modeling and imagery: In order to complete my project I will need to use things such as 3D imaging that can be helpful in creating accurate models that can be used to benefit the lives of others.


    I hope to use 3D imaging, computer technology, Art, and biology, and biomimicry to create new ways of approaching Reconstructive Plastics. I hope to create models from limited information and help construct and create new faces using exact individualized processes. Through this I hope to speed up recovery time, patient satisfaction, and push health care into new individualized age.


    I hope to use computer software and imaging technology to create facial structures and muscles patterns that can then be rendered in 3D space and produced. I also hope to use biomimicry and bioengineering to create and research new and innovative materials in which we can implant and use for reconstruction and skin grafting.


    • 3D modeling software

    • Mentors in 3D modeling software

    • 3D printer

    • Imaging technology

      • 3D scanner

      • x-Ray machine *potentially*

    • Volunteers (base for facial modeling and rendering)


    As plastic surgery continues to rise in popularity and practice so has its stigma of being impractical, pointless, and unimportant. However thousands of people each year experience traumatic car accidents, mastectomies, burns, and are victims to countless hate crimes and war. I don't believe those individuals need to be given only 2 options. Option A is live with the disfigurement as a reminder of the past and option B begin the process to get your one size fits all surgery and recover only to find your surgery did not work and or your skin graft is not taking. I want to give people another option to receive care that is best suited for them regardless of their geographic location, race, or economic background. That is the impact I want to make.


    I want to leave a body of work for other student at HPA who want to shift the perspective of a population. Imaging technology is only increasing and we now are at a new age of biological engineering. I want to leave not only a project that has data and 3D models and Printed Prosthetics but I want to leave the idea that things can be changed and that questions can be asked. We are all individuals and should be treated as such.

    Resources: Thought out the project I collaborated with so many people inside and outside of my class. I received guidance on 3D rendering from George Donev, learned more about 3D printing from Ilan and also worked with family friends on medical devices and architecture. All of these incredible resources that I was lucky enough to receive really helped me to further my project and expand upon it. Without help my oirejct would have taken ages longer to wrk on and complete but with the help of mentors I was able to learn quickly and receive great and constructive advice.

    Legacy: I hope to leave this project to anyone who has a genuine interest in design or a passion for visual arts and science. I would like for people to continue to explore architecture and how it effects the environment and society. I want this project to not only be about resect but about giving student an opportunity to explore the world of science when they themselves have a strong visual and artist talent.

    If I had to describe ISR to a stranger I would say that is is an opportunity to pursue what you love and to remain curious about the way in which things work. You can stay so many things but it is so important to remain passionate and curious as you journey through the course. one of my challenges included software and the immense leaning curve that some of them proposed. Also keeping myself accountable for my daily tasks and managing my time efficiently. I had to work to overcome them by simply practicing and asking for help. I am most proud of my 3D printed brain mesh as it is a tangible product that I created from the ground up. I would however have expanded on that project if I could do the year over again. Thank you so much for all of the opportunities you have all given to me. I can't wait to see where everyone and their project go.

    5. If you were describing your year in ISR to a stranger, what would you say? What did you learn? What were your greatest challenges and how did you overcome them? What are you most proud of? What would you have done differently?