Week 14 11/13-11/19



    This week we broke our robot but in a good way. We got our prototype to work but we need a sturdier back where the cans are being crushed. So now we know what we need to improve on. I also talked with alec to see if he would let me use some of the bullet connects for my Y connection on my wires. I needed these things because of the way the wires worked and the way the krimp works they were just falling apart but now they should work better with these bullet connectors. I'm excited to work on it.


    This past week was very productive for us. We got our material list in while continuing to work on the revisions of our first prototype. All worked out great. Our limited time in the workshop does hold us back a bit but we do make the most of the time we have. Towards the end of the week we finished the revisions on the first prototype and tested it multiple times. After a few test we saw that the box was breaking ultimately seeing the demise and falling of our first prototype. All is good because our new materials are coming in and were moving along really well!!!!

    1. Work on Prototype 3.0

    2. Start Cutting out New Prototype

    3. Hopefully get Materials