Semester 2 Week 1 1/9/2017-1/13/2017



    This week was the the first week back from winter break. We didn't do much besides making ISR more user friendly for the students taking the course. We also worked on updating our project plan for this second semester. We saw that much didn't change and that our original phases that we set for our project was straightforward and was not needed to be changed. We also saw that we completed two of the four phases that we created for ourselves in the beginning of the year. It looks like we are making great progress and hope to have another successful semester.


    During this week me and my partner Alohikea had to really get back into the groove of things. Coming off of winter break was challenging because the focus was not on the project and we used the week to really re-evaluate where we were and how to move forward. Along with this we were also able to work on our new and updated project planning deliverable. This is actually helped because we were able to look back and see what we had accomplished while looking at the next steps and could start to see what and how to attack the obstacles ahead. This week has been a good kick start and i can't wait to dive back in.