Week 1 Quarter 4 3/27/17-3/31/17



    This week we just got back from spring break. The first day we couldn’t do much because our supplies did not come in yet but it was good because some people came in and we needed to explain our project for the visitors. They came down stairs and we showed them what we were doing. I was a good first day because it got us right back in where we were in our project and I mentally got back on track. For the rest of the week, we were very productive in making a small checklist and getting our wiring in order. We started rewiring everything and it's starting to look very nice and professional. Hopefully by next week, we can start placing wires and tubes and put the guts back into our robot crush cans.


    This week we just came off of spring break. This was a productive week because we finally got some of the supplies we needed to continue on. First we stripped our prototype of all its wiring and electronic components because we knew it was fried. After doing so we took note of the new supplies we had and what was coming. We figured out our system and have started wiring everything up again. Hopefully we run into less problems this time around. We still need to figure out how to incorporate the plexiglass and our platform for the pushing component. Other than that it is a great time in the robot kingdom.