Arduino Synthesizer

    At the end of this incredible period of experimentation, discovery and learning with the Arduino board, I have finally achieved to create a system capable of producing sounds: The Arduino Synthesizer!

    This project takes advantage of the Analog In and the Digital out of the Arduino to produce a simple sawtooth wave combined with a pulse wave. The code also features pitch modulation and a low pass filter that includes a resonance parameter.

    The sound of the arduino is unpredictable and warm, which is typical of any analog sound generator. The system uses five 10k Ω resistors in series to modulate 5 different parameters:

    - Oscillator Pitch
    - Filter Cutoff
    - Filter Resonance
    - Oscillator 1 volume
    - Oscillator 2 volume

    The code came from tinkerit, http://code.google.com/p/tinkerit/

    While playing around with the synthesizer, I used the virtual oscilloscope from electroacoustic toolbox to analyze and observe the waveform coming out of the Arduino synthesizer.
    The system looked something something like this: