Yesterday in class we drove around with a golf cart and tested the connection between the guard shack and the art building, the gym, the chapel and the pavilion. Here are just some pictures of us doing the tests.
    You can kind of see the antenna on the far side of the golf cart. It didn't really work yesterday but it definitely looked cool and it will work soon.

    The above are from the chapel

    The above two are from the pavilion.

    This is the at the gym.
    Above is from the art building parking lot.

    This is from the chapel, but we couldn't get a speed test to work.

    The above two are from the gym which had very good connection
    This is from the pavilion which also was very fast.

    Then today Bill came over to my house to work on the antennas that I have. One of them wasn't working at all, but we fixed it and now it's working. But it isn't working to it's full capacity like it was before. Right now it is only going at about 270 mbps whereas before it was at 300 mbps. I tried to align it to make it better but it didn't really work.

    This is what it looked like when I tried to align it.
    These are all the networks that I could see.


    Feb 26, 2011

    Excellent work Bo, I'm very proud of you. Your photos are excellent-Mariko the press photographer?