Today Bill announced the dates and requirements for our final project. The alpha draft is due tonight. The beta version is due next class on Wednesday. And the final version is due friday. After friday we will be done with green tech for this school year. :(

    So here is my alpha version of the project.

    Who am I? I am Bo Bleckel. I am in the ninth grade and soon moving on to tenth grade. I was born here is Hawaii and have lived here more than half my life. For the other part of my life I lived in Switzerland. I am very interested in learning about the energy lab and solutions for the future.

    What is my project? My project that I have been working on most recently is to make a virtual tour of the energy lab. I chose this project because I think that it is very fun to make a virtual tour of a building. The purpose of this project is to make it easy for people that want to visit the energy lab without having to actually go all the way here. To do this we use two programs. One is called panoweaver which creates panoramic images of rooms. Then once we have all the rooms "panoweaver-ed" we use tourweaver to put the tour together. At first we only had a program called VR Worx. VR Worx is a very old program where almost everything has to be stitched together manually and it can only handle small quality pictures or it will crash. So we spent some money and bought the two new programs which stich everything together automatically and have yet to crash.

    Why is my project important? My project can be applied to houses and buildings world wide. It would be great for real-estate agents who want to show off houses without having to schedule an appointment and go to the house. It would also be great to show off schools like HPA for boarding students without them actually having to fly all the way over here.

    The future. This project could make me some money if I did virtual tours for real estate agencies. They would probably pay a lot for this to be done because they wouldn't have to buy the software and they wouldn't have to learn how to do it. It would also reduce energy use for people that live far away from places but want to see those places.