Today we did more speed tests from around the campus. Mostly the same places but this time we used the omni antenna and the bullet m2 to do the tests. here are the results from the different places.
    This is from the little parking lot in front of anna's dorm. Not very fast but at least there is connection.
    This is the speed test from the art building's parking lot. pretty good reception there because it has a very clear view of the security shack.
    This is from the Chapel which worked this time because last time we couldn't get it to work. Again not very good connection but this is also from ground level so it might be better.

    This is the test form GPAC. As you can see it really sucks here but again; at least there's connection.
    This speed test is from Hartwell's. It was from the little driveway in front. Very good connection here.
    And last but not least the speed test from the fire hydrant behind Robertson's.

    We also tried to test the internet connection from the network, by switching between two websites until they loaded. It was pretty fast in some places but not so much in others. It didn't even work in some places.