Today we got our quarter quiz back. Then Bill talked to us individually about what we are going to do this quarter. It looks like Rokus might join our group this quarter. First he showed us a tower by lalamilo (I think that's where it is I may be wrong) and we might put a platform with antennas on it so that we could have a good connection with the village campus. Then we went down and worked on the golf cart. We got four solar panels that we can attach to the roof so that the cart is always charging it self even when driving. We also attached a huge antenna on the front to pick up the EBS which is pretty cool and also looks cool.
    Bill asked us to write about what we want to do this quarter.

    I would like to work more on the EBS and the war-driving golf cart. We might also be able to add cameras to the network so that we could see what is going on around campus with out the need to actually be there in the case of an emergency.

    This might not take the whole quarter to do so if we run out of stuff to do before the end of the quarter, we might be able to work on the AR Drone.

    My goal for the quarter is to finish every thing that we need to have a good and functioning Emergency Broadcast System on campus and to other places like the V.C. and maybe even more.