Q4 Computer Science Video


Final Computer Science Post

First off, I had a great year learning all different manners of things about computers. I feel prepared to take on a college-level course. My final project focused on two things
1. An induction welder
2. Penetration testing using kali linux and raspberry pi

The induction welder was an idea I stole from a guy on youtube called "the king of random". I took an old microwave oven and removed a bunch of parts including the transformer. A transformer uses two coils to work, a primary where the voltage is input and a secondary where it is output. The more wires on the secondary, the higher the output voltage. There are current regulators that I also removed from the transformer in order to get the most amount of amps to come out as possible. I looped my own secondary around the core using 5 gauge wire that Bill gave to me. At this point, I am afraid to test it, since the secondary coil is insecure inside of the transformer frame.

The next thing I did was work on penetration testing using pwnpi, a hacking package for raspberry pi.

I discovered how to use these tools

arp-scan - scans the network for machines and gathers data about them
hydra- bruteforce hacker
reaver- wireless access point hacker using pin exploit (beats wep, not wpa2)

Armitage- This is the one. It is an inclusive package that can do scans, exploit testing, and execute the actual attacks themselves. A must have for any new hacker... ahem... penetration tester.


Q4 Independent Sci Video


Final Independent Science Post

We are Juan Miche-Rosales, jack Solomon, and Abe Binder (arrange in order of photo), and we work on the drone mapping independent research project. This project is primarily focused on using drones to create 3d-models of large areas which can be used in virtual reality or as topographic maps. We use a DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter to capture wide-angle aerial images of an area, and then we use PIX4D to process the images into a 3d model

This quarter specifically, we worked primarily on Schorn’s promotional video projects and finally captured the PIX4D model of the coastline on a spare weekend. We refilmed the Energy Lab promotional video with shots that Mr. Schorn wanted us to change. We also filmed a section of the cross country course, a soccer game, Braithwaite’s class trip, a Lacrosse game, and part of the full HPA campus exhibition video. If I could relay any information to the future leaders of this project, it would be this

1. make sure not to add spaces into your pix4d project filenames or the textures will be removed.

2. When shooting a pix4d model, the planned flight grid applications are not quite good enough to be used yet. The more pictures you take, the better.

3. Read the manual for the DJI pilot app

4. Keep sight of the drone when flying

Best of luck to the future drone team,



5.15 Friday Independent Recap

All I did this week was collaborate with my team to create a presentation for tuesday night. Our presentation ended up much shorter than it could have been because many people dragged on for a very long time. It is only karma that this happened because the last time we gave a presentation, I was the one who dragged on for too long. I have just learned what it feels like. Our presentation was very good though. No filler at all is my new style.

"Hi, we shoot with drones. This is pix4d. This is how pix4d works. Here is the elab. Here is the promotional video. See ya"

That's about how it went down.


5.15 Independent Science

I am at the state volleyball tournament today.


5.15 Computer Science

I am at the state volleyball tournament today.


5.14 Independent Science

I will be at the state volleyball tournament today.


5.13 Computer Science

I was taking AP stats and AP composition today.


5.12 Independent Science

Today we worked on creating and practicing a presentation for tonight in which we will share what we did throughout the year in a clear and concise manner:


- Split in two main projects
A. Mapping (derived from ala loa trail)
drive thru tour
show off the elab model
B. Schorn's stuff
show cool promotional video
jack talks about new drone and funding
nick talks about his role as project manager.

Edit: We did the presentation and were many minutes late to sports because of an art teacher who started talking about dichotomy during michael's presentation. Are you kidding?!


5.11 Computer Science

More work on penetration testing. Davy taught me how to use the gui of pwnpi. I downloaded and installed kali linux onto my computer and will hopefully get some practice in with that. Davy and I tried using arpscans to check the network for hosts and a vulnerability scanner to check for exploits. I also studied for my AP exams.


5.8.15 Friday Independent Recap

We filmed braithwaite's class in the hills as a project for schorn. I taught juan how to use the command line and basic pen-testing utilities such as hydra and netdiscover. We unsoldered and decommissioned our induction charger. I tried penetrating multiple machines using ssh protocol and hydra.


5.8.15 Computer Science

Davy and I both hit a wall today. I was using reaver and he was doing something with "multi-ports." I had to reestablish mon0 by using airmon. I then used airodump to find all the open wiereless networks. There is another program called wash that is supposed to do this, but it was returning an error every time. I tried using a program called aircrack to establish a "four-way handshake" (don't know what that means but it is necessary to associate with the network and therefore to get reaver to work." It didn't fly, so I wasn't able to use reaver. Perhaps I will try configuring a router with less security and name it hack_me. After all, I should probably start on a smaller scale anyway then jumping to attack the most protected building on campus.


5.7.15 Independent Science

We filmed braithwaite's class walking and reading poetry in the hills. I got cut by a propeller while catching the drone. The wind was outrageous but juan managed pretty well. The batteries died quicker because we needed constant extra thrust to counteract the wind's forces. Braithwaite presented a lovely slam poem at the end of the day.


5.6.15 Computer Science

Davy and I worked on wireless access point hacking using a program called reaver. The first thing we had to was configure mon0 using the command airmon start wlan0. I don't know what this does. Once we did that, we tried using an access point pin bruteforce hacker called reaver. It failed. Perhaps this is due to the enhanced internet security in the energy lab. The error message was "failed to associate with access point" and happened right at the beginning of the reaver process. I will try to fix this next class.


5.6.15 Independent Science

Today, Jack and I filmed the cross country course with the new steadycam. We made it up the taj and halfway through the wooded area before we ran out of sd card space. It was hot and grueling. I left my shoes on the field below and had to attend my second class barefoot.


5.4.15 Independent Science

I taught juan about unix, flags, and programs like hydra. We tried hydra against different machines using different protocols. Some locked us out after a certain amount of attempts. I thought I had suceeded one time when I attacked a http web form (the router) using the http-get protocol. I was wrong. hydra is very touchy and did not understand that it had failed to crack the web form. It took the fact that it submitted as a sign that it had cracked the password. After entering 15 passwords into the form in a fraction of a second, it thought it had found 15 valid passwords.


5.4.15 Computer Science

Davy and I have teamed up (kind of). We are both using pen testers. Davy's is Kali Linux. Mine is pwnpi. We tried brute forcing into zen's raspberry pi which we found using the scanner netdiscover. Bill puts all the pi's on the 10.14.88.x ip, so that's how we knew it was a pi instead of another machine. By the way, you can easily determine which machine is static and which is DHCP, automatic, probably a visitor. When doing a scan look for the 254s, they are usually DHCP. After we discovered zen on the network, we did 1-8 character generation brute force. In hydra
hydra -l pi -x 1:8:aA1% ip.ad.re.ss ssh

that aA1% flag means to use upercase, lowecase, numbers, and special characters when generating passwords.


5.1 Independent Recap

This week Nick and I practiced drone flying as the B-team. We fixed the .obj meshlab problem by removing spaces from the filename of the pix4d projects and reprocessing them, so our coastline mesh was able to be textured with the proper colors. I worked on penetration testing using the rasberry pi and pwnpi software. Jack finished his promo video for the elab and got it approved by schorn.


4.30 Computer Science

I worked on pen-testing today. I used an IPscanner to discover potential targets, server vulnerability tester to look for potential holes in security, and started hydra through ssh and a large password list to try and break into a random machine I found on the elab network. It is still running now, I'll see if it worked by monday.