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Q4 Computer Science Video

Final Computer Science Post

First off, I had a great year learning all different manners of things about computers. I feel prepared to take on a college-level course. My final p...

Q4 Computer Science Video

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Q4 Independent Sci Video

Final Independent Science Post

We are Juan Miche-Rosales, jack Solomon, and Abe Binder (arrange in order of photo), and we work on the drone mapping independent research project...

5.15 Friday Independent Recap

All I did this week was collaborate with my team to create a presentation for tuesday night. Our presentation ended up much shorter than it could hav...

5.15 Independent Science

I am at the state volleyball tournament today.

5.15 Computer Science

I am at the state volleyball tournament today.

5.14 Independent Science

I will be at the state volleyball tournament today.

5.13 Computer Science

I was taking AP stats and AP composition today.

5.12 Independent Science

Today we worked on creating and practicing a presentation for tonight in which we will share what we did throughout the year in a clear and concise m...

5.11 Computer Science

More work on penetration testing. Davy taught me how to use the gui of pwnpi. I downloaded and installed kali linux onto my computer and will hopeful...

5.8.15 Friday Independent Recap

We filmed braithwaite's class in the hills as a project for schorn. I taught juan how to use the command line and basic pen-testing utilities such as...

5.8.15 Computer Science

Davy and I both hit a wall today. I was using reaver and he was doing something with "multi-ports." I had to reestablish mon0 by using airmon. I then...

5.7.15 Independent Science

We filmed braithwaite's class walking and reading poetry in the hills. I got cut by a propeller while catching the drone. The wind was outrageous but...

5.7.15 Independent Science

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5.6.15 Computer Science

Davy and I worked on wireless access point hacking using a program called reaver. The first thing we had to was configure mon0 using the command airm...

5.6.15 Independent Science

Today, Jack and I filmed the cross country course with the new steadycam. We made it up the taj and halfway through the wooded area before we ran out...

5.4.15 Independent Science

I taught juan about unix, flags, and programs like hydra. We tried hydra against different machines using different protocols. Some locked us out aft...

5.4.15 Computer Science

Davy and I have teamed up (kind of). We are both using pen testers. Davy's is Kali Linux. Mine is pwnpi. We tried brute forcing into zen's raspberry p...