Final Independent Science Post

    We are Juan Miche-Rosales, jack Solomon, and Abe Binder (arrange in order of photo), and we work on the drone mapping independent research project. This project is primarily focused on using drones to create 3d-models of large areas which can be used in virtual reality or as topographic maps. We use a DJI Inspire 1 Quadcopter to capture wide-angle aerial images of an area, and then we use PIX4D to process the images into a 3d model

    This quarter specifically, we worked primarily on Schorn’s promotional video projects and finally captured the PIX4D model of the coastline on a spare weekend. We refilmed the Energy Lab promotional video with shots that Mr. Schorn wanted us to change. We also filmed a section of the cross country course, a soccer game, Braithwaite’s class trip, a Lacrosse game, and part of the full HPA campus exhibition video. If I could relay any information to the future leaders of this project, it would be this

    1. make sure not to add spaces into your pix4d project filenames or the textures will be removed.

    2. When shooting a pix4d model, the planned flight grid applications are not quite good enough to be used yet. The more pictures you take, the better.

    3. Read the manual for the DJI pilot app

    4. Keep sight of the drone when flying

    Best of luck to the future drone team,