Final Computer Science Post

    First off, I had a great year learning all different manners of things about computers. I feel prepared to take on a college-level course. My final project focused on two things
    1. An induction welder
    2. Penetration testing using kali linux and raspberry pi

    The induction welder was an idea I stole from a guy on youtube called "the king of random". I took an old microwave oven and removed a bunch of parts including the transformer. A transformer uses two coils to work, a primary where the voltage is input and a secondary where it is output. The more wires on the secondary, the higher the output voltage. There are current regulators that I also removed from the transformer in order to get the most amount of amps to come out as possible. I looped my own secondary around the core using 5 gauge wire that Bill gave to me. At this point, I am afraid to test it, since the secondary coil is insecure inside of the transformer frame.

    The next thing I did was work on penetration testing using pwnpi, a hacking package for raspberry pi.

    I discovered how to use these tools

    arp-scan - scans the network for machines and gathers data about them
    hydra- bruteforce hacker
    reaver- wireless access point hacker using pin exploit (beats wep, not wpa2)

    Armitage- This is the one. It is an inclusive package that can do scans, exploit testing, and execute the actual attacks themselves. A must have for any new hacker... ahem... penetration tester.