Missing Entries

    Sorry that these are late.

    Week 1: March 31 - April 5
    First week back from MacWorld and spring break; this week I looked forward to what was ahead this quarter. We planned out buying a new drone, and investigated what we would need to get the Fatshark FPV system (which came in over break yay!) up and running.

    Hiro and I have looked at an alternative option to simply re-puchasing a Phantom 2. This option is more of a homemade drone, with components from DJI. It is called the flame wheel. It is intriguing, but I looks as though we will stick with the Phantom 2.

    Week 2: April 8 - 11
    This week was spent mostly looking at the Fatshark. We have found that the Phantom 2 has only one port for both video and power to the fatshark. In order for that to work with our fatshark, we will have to purchase a cable that will connect the two into one. For photos please refer to Hiro's weblog: http://physics.hpa.edu/users/hueno/

    Week 3: April 14 - 18
    New Phantom 2 shipped! Should be here soon. For now we are working on getting the DJI Bluetooth datalink to work. We have not had any success so far.

    This week Hiro and I also made a VLOG to describe some of what we've been doing. Link here: http://physics.hpa.edu/users/bleckel_bo/weblog/adb00/VLOG.html

    Week 4: April 21 - 25
    New Phantom 2 is up and running. Now that the combined cable for the fatshark system has arrived, we've installed the fatshark on the drone. We've got some very cool results so far just from testing out range and functionality of the fatshark. Very cool product!

    To the finish line!
    For the rest of the time Hiro and I worked on flying, and fixing all things Phantom 2. We got some great shots using the FPV system, and I am very excited for the coming summer and the possibilities of this new set up. Hopefully we will be able to pass on this project to upcoming juniors and seniors. Jack Solomon has shown interest, and is a good option since he already has Phantom flying experience. Davy and Michael Ho have also expressed some interest in using the drones in various ways. Hopefully, with what Hiro, Kenji, and I have learned, the process of flying these incredible tools will be much easier for them. I wish them the best of luck next year!