Friday, and over the weekend, we worked on the drone. We planned to finish up Nathan Myhrvold's property project, but the drone was broken.
    Friday, we received the DJI 2.4 ghz Bluetooth data link. This is essential to our project, as it allows us to control the drone by google maps and an iPad. But in order to install it, we has to disassemble the drone. This created a problem as we accidentally unplugged a wire. So Saturday, as we were preparing to head down to the Kohala coast, we were delayed. We spent a few minutes, and quickly fixed the issue. But soon before we left we realized that we lost control of the gimbal. So, we spent almost three hours trying to fix that problem. Finally we fixed the gimbal (amazingly without any use of any makeshift parts), but it was too late to do the project. Here are a few photos of our problem solving sessions.
    Inside the guts of the drone:
    The GPS antenna:
    The Bluetooth datalink: