4/11-4/15 Sydney

    This week was hard for me because I've been sick. Johnny, however, proved how capable he is and I'm really pleased with the way things have been going. He's managed to stay on task even while I'm not in class, which is awesome. He got a lot done and we managed to check in with each other pretty much every day to see how things were going and discuss future tasks. He is really enthusiastic about the study now, and I think that's because we actually have something starting now. His enthusiasm is really good to see because it means he should stay pretty ambitious through the following year(s). I'm happy with the way this week went; Johnny managed to get the study out to all the participants. The next two weeks, we will see how things go. I'm excited to see the results and to talk about the changes that need to be made in order for the study to run even smoother in the future.