4/4 Sydney

    Today I reviewed and edited Johnny's email while he worked on potentially developing an app. He watched a lot of videos on research kit and did Lumosity for that day. It'd be interesting if Johnny participated in his own study just to see where he lies on the spectrum of sleep/concentration. The email had a lot of things that needed fixing, but I attribute a lot of that to English being Johnny's second language. I think that will be a bit of an obstacle next year when he won't have anyone to review what he writes before it's 'published'. I sent the edited email to Dr. Bill, so if it's approved, I think Johnny will be sending that out today or so. I hope Johnny actually gets enough participants so that he gets a better look at what the study will be like, its successes, and its failures. The trial one is really important to his future progress, so I hope he has a decent pool of participants so that it's as realistic as possible.