This is it 5/20/17

    Download file "Independent Science Research Proposal Final Fall 2016.pdf"

    At the beginning of this school year with my main focus being on haptic transducers, most of my collaboration relied on speaking to people like Dr. Bill, Mr. Halstead, Oliver Grayson. Though I spent most of my time searching for copious answers through Google, I would consult either of these individuals when in need of a better understanding. During the second semester as I moved into my hydroponics project, my pool for collaborators expanded to Sameer, Sneha, Tommy and Dr. Bill's step-son, Andrew. In terms of my sensory substitution project, my biggest hope was to allow deaf/hard of hearing individuals to be able to feel a similar sensation when listening to music. For any student in years to come that has a similar passion in music as well as a developed background in music and computer sciences, I would urge them to expand upon this project.

    Over this entire year, I can simply say that my narrow-minded point of view has been forcefully opened by the passion and knowledge found within HPA's Energy lab. From day to day conversations about Yoyodyne to spending periods reading about Fast Fourier Transformers, I have gotten the chance to learn to perform more practically, analytically and creatively from both projects I'd taken on. My biggest challenge this entire year was definitely communication. As passionate about my project as I was walking into the E-lab on the first day, I didn't have half the knowledge about computer sciences and programming compared to other students within the same room. As much as I spent time reading copious online articles to help grow my understanding, I could've spent more time speaking to guys like Oliver Grayson, whom I could've worked alongside. Overall, I am beyond grateful for this past year and find it a pity that it's already finished.