End of the year presentation:
    -start in the beginning- seeing the oculus rift on my visit looking at the school and was inspired by looking at the game subnotica gave me the idea to create virtual reality photos that could be real underwater photos that you could look at in the oculus rift.
    -started with a gopro, scuba diving, going to the bottom then spinning in a slow 360 circle while snapping photos- then tried to stitch photos together into 360 photo with autopano giga app- then used photoshop to fix them up-however created the problem that there was no top and bottom to the photo and it didn't appear in a spherical fashion like the photos in the oculus rift needs to (insert photo stitched together at pool)
    -MENTION COLLABORATIVE PARTNERS: George, Mr. Rice, Dr. Bill, Cornell, Oliver Niexing
    -Dr. Bill ordered Nikon Camera before it had even come out yet so we were one of the first people who got one and I had no clue how to work it. - caled nikon and they couldn't tell me how to fix the issues with it because it was so new.
    -first started with wide eye lenses and worked with photo shop to edit the black line that was in the middle of the spherical photo