-go from WHY to HOW to WHAT in project presentation
    -My love for the ocean was fostered since the moment I was born, my parents had me in the Hawaii ocean every possible second. When I was red faced screaming and crying as a baby they would race me down to the ocean and I would immediately hit the hay happy and peaceful again.
    -So if you can't tell already, I love the Ocean, I moved from dry Chico California back to my Hawaiian home my senior year because of my love for the ocean (picture of scuba diving/free diving)
    -stepping into the e-lab was like stepping into my version of a science headquarters, with wires crawling every where, a 3D printer buzzing away, and computer screens lining the walls.
    -I was so overwhelmed I didn't even know what to do with myself and I hadn't even gotten my hands on anything yet.
    -Dr. Bill then gave me the chance to view the subnatica program in the oculus rift, and at that moment I was hooked! I had to come to HPA.
    -looking through the eyes of the oculus rift I saw a video game ocean before me. My brain then started buzzing away. Could I possibly put real spherical images and videos into the oculus rift?
    -I knew absolutely nothing about computers, I had always told everyone I was technologically challenged. How was I supposed to do this knowing nothing, but I had to find a way.

    -My first idea was to try stitching together gopro videos