August 28-31 Weekly Blog

    This week in ISR I still spent a lot of time working on studying quantum mechanics and deepening my understanding. My goal would be to start to work on understanding not only some particle physics but starting to understanding the mathematics and quantum mechanics behind it. In summary this week I learned about Feynman diagrams, quantum numbers (nlms), and atomic energy levels.

    My goals for next week:
    • Go back to trying to read a chapter a day of Feynman lectures (I didn't really do that this week but I am still just getting used to adjusting to boarding school. I think I got a little bit more organized this week so I can continue doing this)
    • Start studying for the general radio exam (I am not sure whether I will take the technician test or the general test but I imagine I will take the general)
    • Get back in touch with some of my contacts at CERN and Fermilab
    • Keep studying quantum mechanics
    • Hopefully I will hear back from KEK this week about the internship in which case I will focus more on that.