Week 12 summary (10-30-16)-(11-4-16)

    This week I worked on coordinating testing times with my participants. I found this a much more time consuming task than I had perviously anticipated. I was able to do a couple tests during lunch periods and Thursday F period. I have been able to coordinate fairly well with Lions and Elija regarding room usage via google calendar. At this point I have completed six tests, which is less than I had hoped for at this point. So I will need to begin doing more tests per class period in order to achieve the needed minimum of 40 tests. This week I also discovered that the test takes more than just fifteen minutes because I previously did not account for the time it would take to fit the headset to each participant. This part of the process alone can take about three to five minutes. This is something I will take into account when scheduling people for the tests.

    Asana tasks for the coming week:
    • test at least 4 more people
    • talk to Lyons and Elija about getting more time in the room.
    • contact participants and schedule times/ update google calendar