Week 14 summary (11-13-16) -(11-18-16)

    This week I did not accomplish as many tests as I had hoped to finish by today (Friday). Earlier in the week I emailed a few people who had previously inquired about participating in the testing, but I did not receive any responses. Yesterday I tested one person who is in my ISR period. During the testing the EEG Insight headset software was acting up, and the application kept closing unexpectedly. So a test that usually takes about 15 minutes ended up taking about 30. I was able to deal with this issue simply by waiting a few moments before reopening the program. The problem seemed to be resolved by the end of class, although it was unclear. In the next couple weeks I need to focus on running more tests so that I have a larger base of data on which to start working on possible trends and conclusions for my white paper.

    My asana tasks for the coming week are:
    • test 4 more people
    • look at organizing participants a couple weeks in advance
    • begin checking out the information i will need to include in my white paper.