week two semester two (1-16-17)-(1-20-17)

    Last week I spent the first class going over more statistics terms and concepts with Mr. Halstead. I learned more about calculating different values based on a normal curve. Mr. Halstead showed me how to calculate standard deviation and Margin of error for my light test results under natural lighting. From this exercise I learned that these things can be calculated within google spreadsheets(image attached below). I also learned about error bars; what they are, and also how they can play a role in determining if data can be considered significant. for example,in the case of my experiment, if the margin of error for the average data value for stress under a particular light overlaps the margin of error for the average data value for stress under a different type of lighting, then there is most likely no significant difference between the way these two lights affect stress. this is important because it allows us to understand that just because individual data points are different, doesn't mean that there is any strong difference between the fields of testing in general. Besides learning more about statistics, I also arranged for two participants to test next week once the physics classes finish studying the lights I am using.